State of the Art Window Design

Remarkable beauty, exceptional performance and distinctive design of the new InSight Model 6800 window lead the way in energy efficient vinyl windows from Interstate. World class engineering and advanced material science create a new window standard for performance, economy, strength, and efficiency.


The Art of the Window

  1. Offered with or without integral nail fin.
  2. Integral accessory groove to receive exterior & interior trim accessories.
  3. Rounded edges create a stunning window appearance with superior paint and lamination adhesion.
  4. Multiple internal chamber placement designed for superior structural and thermal performance.
  5. Patented bulb seal design location for tight compression fit at head reduces air infiltration and saves energy.
  6. Anti-drift design keeps top sash in place when operating primary lower sash.
  7. Dual and triple glazing options from nominal 3/4” to 1 1/8” for maximum energy savings in all glass configurations.
  8. Low profile tilt latch for easy tilt-to-clean. Duralite Insulated Glass Spacer technology for highest possible energy savings.
  9. Optional composite thermal reinforcement available for higher structural loads.
  10. Continuous InterLock promotes security and structural strength.
  11. Full-width lock rail weather stripping to virtually eliminate air infiltration and save energy.
  12. Telescoping/welded true sloped sill detail for outstanding structural/water and thermal performance.
  13. Triple weather seal keeps out air, water, and saves energy.
  14. Patented Storm InterLock design for maximum structural performance.

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